Agile, Scrum, Sustainability - A podcast on People, Process, Planet

This podcast is hosted by Siva - an Agile practitioner, Coach, Scrum trainer, Sustainability consultant and more importantly an Earth Lover. Siva’s mission is to engineer Agility to maximise value to clientele today while planning their greener tomorrow through sustainability. If you are a fan or follower of Agile/Scrum or if you are on to Sustainable development and green transition or if you simply love our planet Earth, then you will not be bored.

Siva is a Partner / Consultant in Partner Consulting ApS, Denmark. Visit

Episodes Date

2nd Episode in the series Driving business towards sustainable development and UNSDGs. In this episode, we will look at Goal 1 of UNSDG, the importance of it, what can we do to contribute towards this...
February 5, 2021
This is the introductory episode in the Series "UN Sustainable development goals and transitioning your business towards sustainability". In the coming weeks, you will hear me speak about each of thes...
January 14, 2021
2020 got engulfed by Covid and the trend is expected to continue at least for a good part of 2021. Sharing few inspirations to kick start your 2021 with more earthly awareness.
January 1, 2021
In this episode, I walk you through the key changes to Scrum Guide 2020 and the rationale behind those changes.
December 18, 2020
It is the power to believe in oneself and make right choices when it comes to sustainable living..
December 16, 2020
Is Agile doomed? Are the pinnacle days behind us? Listen to my thoughts..
December 16, 2020
Following the 3Rs for a sustainable future will not only lead to a happy planet but when used in IT organizations, it can lead to a happier team and even happier organization.
December 14, 2020
Welcome to our podcast on Agile, Scrum and Sustainability  or as we fondly call People, Process and Planet.
December 13, 2020

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